2021 Healing on Country Report

We are now recording the “Healing on Country Report” and documentary film for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders across Australia as a platform to be clearly heard and provide the opportunity to assert their capacity to heal their Youth on their Country. Suicide and self-harm have reached crisis proportions within First Nations Communities across Australia. Despite federal and state government investment over the last decade suicide and self-harm incidents have increased substantially. A report released by the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission in December 2020 highlighted that the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people had worsened across a number of critical wellbeing measures. Most alarmingly the rate of First Nations deaths from suicide and self-harm increased by 40 per cent over the decade to 2018. The crisis in our Communities only adds to the normalisation of self-harm and suicide.
Across the globe where there are dispossessed indigenous Communities – like Australia, Canada and New Zealand – there are also alarmingly high rates of self-harm and suicide. While the causes are complex the common thread amongst these First Nation populations is the disconnection from Culture. This First Nations led project is a key step to building mutual respect  and trust between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and key decision makers to change the current federal and state government approach to supporting Community led  Cultural healing.

Galupa, Yolngu Nation N.T.

In 2019 along with the support of our sponsors TCP went to the Community of Galupa North East Arnhem Land to construct a safety house for the Women who live there, fulfilling the long standing wishes of Gayili Marika Yunupingu Elder of Galupa. We have now completed stage 1 the building of the house and plan to return in 2022 to Build the Galupa Art and Culture School and rebuild the ablution block. From left to right: The steady hand of Gayili. The children’s swing at Galupa with heavy industry close by.
The Women of Galupa launching Galupa Art holding photographs of Amma who was a key supporter of the new house behind. Mary holding the weaving basket. The damper ready. Michelle Marika holding Djumbarr (sweet lip fish). Gayili in the art shed. Kitanna Yunupingu bathing. Family working together Culture in hand. Weaving Pandana, language word Gunga. Gayili with her beloved dog Wawa in front of the Communities new home. ART construction team day two.
Supporting the Women at Galupa to remain safe on their traditional land cannot be underestimated. The health of the Community is closely tied to Cultural identity and connection to traditional lands.

Healing on Country. Cape York QLD

Well beyond mobile phone range and led by Hope Vale Elders of Cape York, healing on Country takes place.  Our focus for 2021 remains  funding four Mens Healing Camps and create . Please view this film to understand the importance of  Indigenous youth being with their Elders in a Cultural and natural environment where peer group pressure and other negative external forces are not present.

Yuin Nation Cultural Mentoring

This project  supports the well being and basic needs for Elders to be on Country with their Community  to provide a strong uninterupted base for ongoing Cultural mentoring  camps.

The Elders Report

In 2014 TCP travelled from Cape York to the Kimberley to record and produce “The Elders Report into Preventing Indigenous Self Harm and Youth Suicide”.This Report is important it is directly transcribed from recordings with Elders and Community leaders about ending self harm and suicide.  Widely acknowledged as a true voice for Cultural healing  the report provides real answers and emphasises the importance of Elder and Community led Culturally empowering initiatives for remote and semi remote Communities.

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