Traditional Cultural Practices

Traditional Cultural Practices (TCP) is an Elders led NGO dedicated to ensuring that traditional Cultural practices and knowledge from the World’s oldest living Culture is respected and continues to evolve .

We work alongside Elders to fulfil their responsibilities to Community and Country as strong leaders and educators of their people. And we stand by our Elders to share their irreplaceable knowledge of Culture & lore with their Communities.

Traditional Cultural Practices (TCP) the organisation came about as a result of producing the ‘Elders Report into Preventing Indigenous Self Harm and Youth Suicide’. During the making of The Report, two key questions were asked to Elders and Community leaders from Cape York to the Kimberley – ‘Why is suicide and self harm happening?’ And, ‘What can be done to end this?’ Reconnecting young people to their Elders, Culture and traditional lands was the unanimous response. 

Our work is based on this reconnection.

Our Work

Knowing Culture

TCP supports Elders and Communities to be on their traditional lands participating in Elder led Cultural mentoring programs  that empower, heal and strengthen both People and Country.

Caring for Country

As the Traditional Custodians of Australia we  have  respect, knowledge and responsibility to the land and waters, it is an integral part of who we are. Through supporting our Elders maintain and teach Culture we are also supporting the proper connection and care of our Country.

The Cultural Schools Initiative

In 2021 TCP will launch the first Cultural schools in Australia, where people from all walks of life can come and learn Culture and connection to Country. Elders are the teachers and their Community assists,  creating an independent income stream for the Community. This also reinforces Cultural pride and knowledge sharing.

Social Responsibility

Creating partnerships that are inclusive where First Nation People and the broader Community work together to close the gap, one project at a time. An example of this can be viewed on the video clip titled  Connectedness.

Signs of Respect

TCP are proud to launch the CultureUp movement a campaign that asks Australians  to make signs with their own creativity to acknowledge the traditional land they live and work on and to proudly display them at the front of their homes, workplaces and social channels.

Our Ask

In order to continue and accelerate our work, we need your help. We want you to join us to become part of our growing CultureUp! Community and to help to spread the knowledge of our work.  As a member of CultureUp!, you can support us by sharing our mission and stories, and by giving.  Securing funding is an essential part of helping us continue our work. Learn more about how you can get involved here.
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